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The Goat Dev Diaries: The Makoa Masters (IV) – Waha Nui

Oct 28th, 2015

It took us a while. But you know… Magic can´t be tamed. Waha Nui is the third Makoa Master; the Shaman. He is old, he is grumpy, he is lazy and he doesn’t like you. And by ‘you’ we mean […]

The Goat Dev Diaries: The Makoa Masters (III) – Kekoa

Aug 21st, 2015

Here we are again, back to the fray with Kekoa, Master of Courage and First Hunter of the Makoa Tribe. A man of action, impassible even facing the most adverse situations. When it is required, he is a shadow, merging […]

The Goat Dev Diaries: The Makoa Masters (II) – Ailani

Aug 18th, 2015

We return with our second post about the Makoa Masters. Today, our protagonist is Ailani, Master of Wisdom and Chief of the Makoa tribe. Try to spot him in this screenshot! He is a really good leader, acting like the […]

The Goat Dev Diaries: The Makoa Masters (I)

Aug 7th, 2015

Every time I heard the word “Master”, this song comes into my mind: But I’m not going to talk about misheard metal today, I’m going to talk about the most important individuals of all Makoas. Their leaders, the Makoa Masters. […]

The Goat Dev Diaries: Makoa Sacred Grounds

Jul 21st, 2015

Almost every rite of passage takes place in several sacred places. Kirm’s rite from the Stars is not an exception and the most important place of all is a jungle clearing called Makoa Sacred Grounds. The idea of a sacred […]

Visions of Kaikala – A Rite from the Stars Fan Art Contest

Nov 17th, 2014

The other day, a friend of ours and fellow artist told us that he loved A Rite from the Stars’ art style. He also asked us if he could make a piece of artwork based on it. And we said […]

The discontinuous movement dilemma (or how the circumstances created a 3D model)

Jul 24th, 2014

There are three paths in A Rite from the Stars: Wisdom, Courage and Spirit. We have repeated this many times because we think it is a core feature of the game. Remember that Kirm can solve them in the order desired […]

Goatlab 2014

Jul 18th, 2014

Gamelab Barcelona is considered one of the most important videogame events at an European and even Worldwide level. Many people state that it is the most important exhibition of the industry in Spain. However, we, the Mighty Goat Crew, armed […]

Goat spotted at RetroMadrid

Apr 28th, 2014

All the crew arrived to RetroMadrid as one last weekend. Well, not as one. We arrived in waves. Finally, even The Goat itself were there to control us. And to look for new vict… friends, allies… whatever. There were a […]

Playing Goat: Dead Synchronicity

Apr 8th, 2014

Reality frays around me as if every Universe’s molecule had begun to hate each other at the same time. Including mine. Maybe it is not hate. Maybe it’s just… fear. A structural hysteria that urges the reality to flee from […]

The Goat at ‘Videogames Friends’

Mar 27th, 2014

Yesterday night The Goat sent Dani, Jaime, and Carlos to the fourth edition of the ‘Videogames Friends‘ Meetup, organized by videojuegosyconsolas.com. The event was really enjoyable and interesting. Besides, Carlos was possessed by The Goat’s spirit and jumped on to […]

Risin’ Goat in Games Tribune Magazine

Mar 25th, 2014

Last week, the nice guys at Games Tribune Magazine interviewed Carlos thoroughly about the studio, the game and pixel life in general. But let’s get right to the point, this is the interview (in spanish): http://www.gamestribune.com/indie/entrevistas-indie/en-la-tribuna-con-risin-goat/

A Rite from the Stars hits Greenlight and celebrates it with a trailer

Feb 25th, 2014

It has been a while since our last post. Why? The Goat had imprison us to work faster and harder. We barely managed to survive. However, we can now present to you all our first trailer. Oh yeah, and The […]

The herd grows

Jan 8th, 2014

The Goat has realized that there is a need for texturizing jungles, swamps, volcanoes, caves and other astonishing landscapes. That’s why The Goat has decided to recruit a new member for his crew. His name is Javier Corzo. He has […]

A Holiday Message directly from the Goat

Dec 24th, 2013

The Goat is happy with our work and Christmas presents, so he has decided to send a message to all the Internet. Here it is! “Dear Internet Inhabitants, I hope these holidays will bring you anything you need. I am […]

How the Goat’s crew work?

Dec 11th, 2013

How do we work at Risin’ Goat? Frightened. The sound of goat’s hoofs against the office’s floor is really disturbing. However, it is worse when The Goat softly bleats to your ear. It’s strange, but his breath smells good. We […]

The Goat moves

Dec 4th, 2013

Our blog has been frozen for some days due to website issues. The official reason: we wanted a more accessible, fully responsive (try to access from a mobile device) website. We have created a Spanish version of it (you know, […]

It was fair

Nov 15th, 2013

So we visited the fair! Madrid Games Week was amazing. Oculus Rift, Play Station 4, XBOX One… Plus many old consoles from this generation and beyond. They even had a Master Sword ready to be taken. And many more things. […]

The Goat is attending Madrid Games Week

Nov 6th, 2013

Going to a fair with a goat is a tradition. However, going to The Fair with The Goat is a brand new landmark in history. That’s right, the whole Rising’ Goat team will visit tomorrow Madrid Games Week. Ok, we […]


Oct 1st, 2013

But who is The Goat? That’s a very difficult question to answer. It is said that he was spotted for the first time in 1618 in the Yucatán Penninsula, roaming in the jungle. It is unknown what he was doing […]