Risin' Goat

Helena de Juan

They said that she was crazy, but somehow, a glimpse of luck made she persuaded them that… aren’t we all crazy in a way or another?

Helena is an obsessive art lover who lives in a parallel universe. She doesn’t care: theatres, museums, live music pubs, usual phony poetry readings or even so called anti-system art garages… She can be hours trying to figure out why the artist stuck that bubble gum to the wall. This is true, The Goat itself had to bite her to check if she was alive.

Since she entered through the tiny rabbit hole when she was fourteen, her wonderland fused with reality and now she just tries to send the images from her mind to the canvas (she works on a computer, but ‘canvas’ is more poetic).

She has adopted a role of conceptual artist in Risin’ Goat, shaping what The Goat orders her and skinning everything with her textures.

A Game: Portal 2

A Band: Nino Bravo (a group itself)

A Book: Demian by Herman Hesse

A comic: MAUS by Art Spiegelman (Helena calls it graphic novel)

A quote…

‘ I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’

Confucius, the one who invented confucion