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Custom game development

Adventure? Simmulation? Advergaming? Serious Games? In Risin’ Goat we work every genre and adapt to your needs and wishes. We apply our experience in the videogame global sector to make your idea come true.

We develop for any platform using Unity3D.

Virtual Reality apps

Virtual Reality offers an immersive capacity that greatly surpass any other medium or technology. This makes it the best way to create unforgettable experiences in any environment.

We adapt to any platform: Oculus, HTC vive, Samsung VR, Google Cardboard…

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A good idea is something that does not solve just one single problem, but rather can solve multiple problems at once.

Shigeru Miyamoto - Game Designer and Producer at Nintendo

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Augmented Reality apps

Augmented Reality combines physical real world tangible elements with digital elements. This gives rise to all kinds of possibilities: advertising, interior design, education... Let us know your needs and we will create a solution for you.

By working very well on mobile phones and tablets, this is a surprising product that anyone can carry in their pocket.

Musical composition and audio

We have a wide experience creating music and sounds for all kind of projects: movies, documentaries, ads… and, of course, videogames. Not only do we take care of sound, voice acting and soundtrack; we also create complex dynamic audio and procedural music systems.

The sound component is fundamental to enhance any product, we make sure that it has a high quality level and that it adapts to the desired experience.

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Outsourcing 3D

Do you need to build a house? Sell a car? Explain how a space station works? We can model and animate any element that your production needs. Imagination is the limit.

Realistic or cartoon, we adapt to every style.


Gamification of experiences and processes

Gamification consists of applying game design to the real world. Our team will analyze the objectives of your target to create gamification concepts that enhance the competitiveness of your projects.

Raise productivity and generate new habits by increasing user satisfaction.

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Other services

The experience of our professionals gives you much more. In the past, we have given classes in university courses and masters, written scripts on demand, organized video game events, produced short films, made applications for museums...

We are always ready for any challenge. Every new project is an opportunity to improve our skills.

What is your project idea goal ? Whatever it is, we work to make it happen

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