Goatlab 2014

Gamelab Barcelona is considered one of the most important videogame events at an European and even Worldwide level. Many people state that it is the most important exhibition of the industry in Spain. However, we, the Mighty Goat Crew, armed with our usual inquisitive and calculating spirit, have detected a flaw. A flaw that has been repeated every single edition of Gamelab: an alarming and absolute lack of goats. But don’t freak out! Risin’ Goat has fixed this for the 2014 edition. And we are not talking about a common goat, we are talking about The Goat.

The Goat supervising some testers

David and Carlos, as The Goat’s ambassadors, travelled to Barcelona led by The Goat himself. During the three days that the event lasted (June 25, 26 and 27) we met a lot of interesting people and we showed the first alpha version of A Rite from the Stars. We want to respectfully salute everyone that helped us to find bugs and improve the playable experience. Thanks to them (and our selfless programmers), the game works better than ever.

There was a tough moment too. We were allowed to use a room to give a conference about our project… at the same than Tim Schafer was giving his own one in another room. Obviously, Carlos has not the fame nor sex-appeal of Schafer, so he had to literally grab people into his room to get some assistants. Yeah, the fear of The Goat causes that kind of reactions in people.

A desperate Carlos in an empty room

In the end, he managed to get a moderate amount of people and no one was injured.

In addition, we met a lot of interesting people and we talked with a lot of indie developers: Kraken Empire, Santa Clara GamesFictiorama, Drakhar Studios, Ripper Games, Deconstruct Team, Milkstone Studios and more… Talented people who struggle to turn their dreams into videogames. We encourage you to visit their websites.

In addition, the food was really good.

Yummy food




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