Visions of Kaikala – A Rite from the Stars Fan Art Contest

The other day, a friend of ours and fellow artist told us that he loved A Rite from the Stars’ art style. He also asked us if he could make a piece of artwork based on it. And we said OF COURSE! We really love to see new visions inspired by the world of Kaikala. And then… BAM! Another idea struck our goatish minds.

Organizing a fan art contest to admire all kinds of ‘A Rite from the Stars’ visions around the world! And we have chosen a cool name for it: ‘Visions of Kaikala – Fan Art Contest’.

Our friend will be the first participant. We encourage you to challenge him! FOR ART, FOR GLORY, FOR PRIZES (see the submission rules below)!!!

Visions of Kaikala

Visions of Kaikala



Create a personal artwork based on ‘A Rite from the Stars’. Get inspired by The Mystical Island of Kaikala and its lush landscapes or by the characters we have shown so far (Kirm, his masters, Pohaku…).  Do not hesitate to use your personal style. Feel free to create your unique Vision of Kaikala!

You can find more information about Kaikala and ‘A Rite from the Stars’ (including an Alpha version) in our finished Kickstarter project:

Participation period

You have a lot of time to participate. From today (11/17/2014) to 02/01/2015 (at 11:59 PM). No entries will be accepted beyond that date. The winners will be announced a week later (02/08/2015) here, in our Facebook page and via Twitter.


Send your digital artwork to: .

If you are a handcrafting artist, you can scan or take a photo of your work and send it to the same address (at high quality, please; see ‘Specifications’ below).

There is no maximum number of artworks per author.

Don’t forget to include your name (or nickname) for the credits (and GLORY).


  1. The best ones will appear in our art book and will receive a DRM free copy of the game plus a Steam CD-KEY and a PDF art book.
  2. The best ones of the best ones will also be featured in the in-game Kirm’s Secret Area.
  3. Our favorite will also receive a special and unique in-game star with the name of its creator on it. We will ask you for a quote to be attached to it together with your name (120 characters max, quote will be reviewed by Risin’ Goat to ensure it is appropriate).

The jury (next section) will decide the number of works that will be chosen for each category (except for number 3 because… THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!) and it will depend on the amount and quality of the submissions we receive.

The jury

Our fine artists, infused with the power of The Goat, will decide your fate (and the rest of The Goat’s crew will give their opinions).

– Jaime Jurado Pérez

– José Manuel Blanco Blasco


Minimum resolution is 300 dpi and minimum document size is 3000×3000 pixels. You can send us the file in PNGs or JPGs format. They can be a digital picture, a scanned one or even a photograph. We recommend sending the files using a service such as Wetransfer or similar.

The artwork must be made by you. The artwork must be original and not break any copyright laws. You hold and keep the copyright to your work We reserve the right to publish your artwork via online and social media. You grant us permission to include your artwork in our artbook (digital and/or physical) and in our videogame ‘A Rite from the Stars’ (any version). You allow us the use of your work for promotional use and other purposes. You allow us to sell your artwork, for example, as part of the artbook. You will not claim copyright fees for the usage and distribution of your work. Submitting an artwork for ‘Visions of Kaikala – Fan Art Contest’ means the acceptance of the present rules of the contest and the jury’s verdict, which will be final.



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