The Goat Dev Diaries: The Makoa Masters (I)

Every time I heard the word “Master”, this song comes into my mind:

But I’m not going to talk about misheard metal today, I’m going to talk about the most important individuals of all Makoas. Their leaders, the Makoa Masters.

Rite Masters

Yes, that is a nice promotional picture of them. Let me introduce them just in case you don’t know them. From left to right, they are Ailani, Master of Wisdom; Kekoa, Master of Courage and Waha Nui, Master of Spirit.

As each of them represents one of the three paths Kirm must overcome to become a man (and eventually finish the game) they are pivotal characters in A Rite from the Stars. They will be the ones to explain some of the features of the Rite to Kirm and acknowledge his eventual success. Most of the time they will be waiting in the Makoa Sacred Grounds for Kirm to finish the rite, but sometimes, they will play a more active role in his endeavor.

They are also a glance at Kirm’s objective (becoming a man) because they are the only Makoa adults present in the rite. They will transmit the principles of their society to Kirm and the importance of the generational renewal. They are the Makoa leaders, so it’s their responsibility to assure the survival of their tribe.

Of course they are individual persons, not just archetypes, so their personalities are as different as their looks. This is why in the next three posts we will dive into each of them individually. I will follow the usual order: Wisdom, Courage and Spirit.

Or Ailani, Kekoa and Waha Nui.

Stay tuned until then. Farewell.



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