The Goat moves

Our blog has been frozen for some days due to website issues. The official reason: we wanted a more accessible, fully responsive (try to access from a mobile device) website. We have created a Spanish version of it (you know, it is an easy language for us). All for the user! The real reason: The Goat was not very pleased with the previous design and he seemed really hungry. All for The Goat!

Although the blog may have been frozen, we don’t. The Goat is alive, The Goat moves. As you can check, we have updated the ‘In Development’ section with new data about our first project. There is new art about how our protagonist has evolved. He is a Makoa boy looking for his destiny. Gradually we will reveal more details. In fact, we are currently working hard on those details. Nonetheless, you can ask whatever you want.

But what is our first project? A point&click adventure in a 3D environment. We fondly refer to it as ‘A Rite from the Stars’. We are trying to be loyal to the genre’s roots, but we don’t want to lose the chance to experiment.

The project continues progressing and soon you will be able to see new things. In addition, we have modeled a lot of stones. Really, stones are important for videogames. Look at Legend of Grimrock. Or Pokémon.



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